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The 2019 Florida Prize Exhibition Catalog-Orlando Museum of Art

Joan Mitchell Foundation’s 25th Anniversary 2018 Catalog excerpts- (I am one of the 25 featured artists)

JMF-Impact Statement and Portrait by EJ.Eldridge

 Cuba Lost and Found, catalog essay by Carol Damian for “Hecho en Cuba“/ Reconstructed Sights exhibition at Cernuda Arte, 2018

Hyperallergic review by Gwen Unger of RU @ the Wallach Galleries, Sept. 12 2018

 ART NEXUS review of Relational Undercurrents by Carol Damian, 2017

Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Carribean Archipelago, ed. Tatiana Flores and Michelle Stephens, Duke Univ. Press, 2017

Arte Al Dia overview of Relational Undercurrents, by Julia Herzberg, 2017

Curator Tatiana Flores Wows at MOLAA with Caribbean Art, in Palacio Magazine

Everything you need to know about Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA’s celebration of Latin American and Latino art, culture, and music, by Sandra Barrera, Los Angeles Daily News, Sept. 13, 2017

Joan Mitchell Center (NOLA), Artist-in-Residence Project, 2017

Comma Project. Volume 1: Ghost Objects, 2017

SMALL AXE ISSUE 51: Contemporary Art of the Hispanophone Carribean Islands in an Archipelagic Framework, by Tatiana Flores and Michelle Stephens, 2016

SMX51 Flores (80-99) *for reading only-to reproduce, go to above link.

New American Paintings #124, 2016

The Ringling Museum, BACK AND FORTH: thinking in paint, 2015

Banyan as Metaphor  brochure, 2015

Martin Museum brochure Lilian Garcia-Roig & James Surls, 2014

Sight Specific @ The MAC, 2013

Valley House catalog: Solid Fluidity, 2012

Arte Al Día International -Chopo Museum; Mexico City, 2012

Norteste Review of “Medios y Ambientes” at the Chopo Museum, 2012

Profile On View Magazine Lilian Garcia-Roig, 2011

Richard Shiff Essay: Catching Up with the Instant, 2011

Polk Museum catalog: En Plein Sight, 2011

MOCA Jacksonville, Hyperbolic Nature brochure, 2010

New American Paintings, home page, Lilian Garcia-Roig, 2010

Space; Unlimited  brochure & essay- Art Museum of the Americas (AMOA) in D.C., 2009

Art Nexus -review by Terri Weissman  of Space;Unlimited @ AMOA, 2009

Huntsville Museum Encounters: Lilian Garcia-Roig catalog & essay by Peter Baldaia, 2008

Mysterious Clarity gallery guide, 2008

Cumulative Nature Art Nexus Review, 2007

Valley House Gallery catalog Painted Woods,  2007

MORE IS MORE: MAXIMALIST Painting catalog, 2007

MAXIMALISM- Lilian Garcia-Roig intro Essay, 2007

Transitory Patterns Florida Women Artists at National Museum of Women in the Arts in D.C., 2004