Hecho Con Cuba

These oil paintings inspired by the Cuban landscape were produced off-site in the U.S. using pigments hand-made from the soil of the Vinales Valley, 2017

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Homage to Vinales #6,  16″x 16″


Homage to Vinales #4-7,  16″x 64″


Homage to Vinales #7,  16″x 16″


Homage to Vinales #1-3,  20″x 60″


Homage to Vinales #9,  30″x 30″


Valley of Earthly Delights (View of Vinales Valley from Los Jazmines Overlook),  36″x 48″


Dirt to Dust (Cuban dirt pigment on American marble dust),  30″x 40″


Blue Period: Homage to Ana Mendieta,  48″x 36″


Blue Period: Mogote Fog,  16″x 12″


Blue Period: Lost Ground,  36″x 48″

 L.G.-R. Was Here (after Domingo Ramos), 18″ x 18″